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One size fit's no one....


If you are looking for customized fit in all you garments come into the Tailored Fit. We offer expert fitting and tailoring

services for both men and women. 

We offer complete tailoring services including :

  • Adjusting shoulders

  • Sleeve length or diameter adjustments 

  • Sides taken in and out

  • Suit jacket lengths 

  • Skirt waist taken in

  • Pants waist adjustments

  • Skirt or pant length adjustments

  • Pants rise adjustments

  • Skirt sides taken in

  • Vests taken in 

  • Collar Rolls removed

Things to know when you go to buy an off the ​rack Suits:

  • You can take in Suits but letting them out is often not possible.

  • You should have a professional measure you so that you can start looking at the correct sizes.

  • Shoulders are the most expensive place to alter/tailor a suit so if possible get the suit to fit there.  If your shoulders are narrow this may not be possible.

  • You are always welcome to come in the Tailored Fit with several suits and we can help you decide which suits and what alterations are necessary.  Then you can return what doesn't work.  Just be very careful with those receipts.

Taking care of your suits:

  • Dry Clean your suit when it gets dirty - right away.  You will more likely be able to remove stains and other damaging dirt if you clean your suit when it gets dirty.

  • Dry Clean your suit at the end of the season, meaning the end of the summer, the end of winter.  Especially if the suit will be stored til the next season.

  • Always hang your suit on a quality suit hanger.  It helps your jacket maintain its shape.

  • The only way to clean a tailored suit is to dry clean it.

  • Storage of wool, silk, or blended suits should be done in a cotton zippered suit bag, after it's been cleaned.  This is the best way to keep moths out of your clothes.

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