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The Function of Cuffs on Trousers

Have you ever wondered why some pants are cuffed and some aren't? Has it led you to question whether there is even a function of cuffs on a trouser? Sometimes you have those deep, persistent questions in the middle of the night, or just randomly, and you feel like you have to immediately google to find the answer. This is obviously one of those subjects.

The British call them "turn-ups," and legend has it that the trend was begun by King Edward VII in the late 1800s.

So what's the point of cuffing a pant, other than for aesthetic purposes? It can add weight to a pair of pleated dress pants, making the pleats drape well. The trend may have been started when gentlemen rolled the hems of their pants up to keep them from becoming wet while walking outdoors in inclement weather.

Parents may roll the hems of children's pants to extend the life of the garment in a couple of ways: first, to keep the hems from fraying; second, as the child grows in height the hems can be let down.

Other than those functions, cuffs are a look that goes in and out of style. They can look great on jeans, women's wide-leg trousers, even a cropped wide-leg pant. Men may wear their Nantucket Reds rolled at the hem as well. Cuffs add a relaxed and casual look to denim and chinos, and a sportier look to dress-wear.

The Tailored Fit is happy to assist you with any questions about whether to hem or cuff your pants, and of course we can handle any alterations you may choose to have done to make your wardrobe stand out.

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