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Sewing With Knits

sewing with knits the tailored fit university of sewing

Most people learn to sew using woven fabrics, and knits can present challenges to a beginner. We offer classes on sewing with knits through our University of Sewing.

To understand why knits can be more difficult to sew than woven, it's important to first understand the properties of knits. They're stretchy and pliable (think t-shirts or leggings) and made to hug the body and/or drape nicely. There are different kinds of stretch--2 way and 4 way--that also need to be taken into consideration when planning your garment construction.

The edges of knits don't fray, but knits do tend to roll at the edges so seam finishes are another consideration.

We'll go over all of the properties of knits during class so you have a basic understanding to get started. Our Introduction to Sewing Knits class is for any confident beginner (and beyond).

If you own a serger, bring it to class. Otherwise, we can supply one for you to use.

Pretty soon you'll be sewing your own t-shirts, tops, skirts, or dresses in comfortable knits designed for your specific measurements. How exciting will it be to have your own self-made knit wardrobe?!

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