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Make Do and Mend

Make Do and Mend is a movement that has its roots in WWI, when fast fashion didn't exist and folks had to make do with what few clothes they had and mend them instead of discarding before finally adding them to the scrap pile. The movement really took off during WWII as people had to ration food and the middle class had to learn how to "make do."

As many people look toward a more sustainable future with a smaller carbon footprint, the idea of Make Do and Mend fits into that trajectory. Likewise, those who are just fiscally conservative and prefer to be frugal may also benefit from the philosophy.

the tailored fit

A revival of Make Do and Mend is happening today, and is a good exercise in being self-sufficient and not being beholden to the fashion industry. When clothing items are in need of repair, bring them to a tailor to have them mended. Better yet, take a sewing class and learn how to repair your clothing on your own. The University of Sewing at The Tailored Fit is the ideal place to learn or hone sewing skills--call us today or schedule a sewing class online.

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