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How Long Should Your Necktie Be?

In recent years there has been debate over a certain political figure’s tie length. Today let’s discuss what’s appropriate for the length of a tie, in an effort to provide guidelines to those who have been grappling with this burning question.

According to one source, a tie is at its proper and ideal length when the widest part of the tie hits at the top of one’s leather belt. In the case one is wearing suspenders, substitute the top of the waistband for a reference mark. At The Tailored Fit we believe there is "wiggle" room as far as length--there are several factors present which affect where your tie ends. Either way, the tip of the tie should end at the center of the belt or waistband, or extend just a bit beyond.

Tie length is certainly a matter of personal preference. However, in order to avoid looking slightly foolish, one should avoid an extremely short or extremely long length when it comes to neckties. After all, wearing a suit is meant to put your best foot forward, style-wise. No one wants to look like the only time they wear a suit is when forced, either by circumstance or relatives.

If you’re going with a custom suit from The Tailored Fit, we can help you design an entire ensemble around it, including shirt, tie, and pocket square. Some folks over 6’ tall or those with a more robust torso require longer ties, which we can make custom according to your exact measurements. Even if you don't require extra length, we can help you design and create beautiful neckties to suit all your needs.

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