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Off To A Great Start--Foundation Garments

Ladies, let's talk about foundation garments.

By now we’re all aware that buying off-the-rack is convenient but not without its share of fit issues that need to be tweaked by a professional tailor. But something else can affect fit just as much as properly tailoring a garment to fit your body: what you wear underneath.

the tailored fit

The girdles and cone bras of the 1950s got thrown out with the women's liberation movement. Women decided "hell no, we won't go into our sausage casings anymore!" Women everywhere (actually) breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Fast forward to the past few decades when clothing styles became more form-fitting. Diane Von Furstenberg's famous jersey wrap dress became an iconic classic. It became more crucial to get our soft, jiggly bits pushed into the right places to fill out these silhouettes and create a smooth effect from underneath. Enter Spanx—which is a somewhat dreaded word but doesn't have to be!

Proper fit of a foundation, or undergarment is key to comfort. Make sure that 1. You're choosing the proper garment for your shape. You may not need one that comes up all the way under your bust—you may simply want a smoothing panty or short instead. Or maybe you want the full-on unitard. In any case, there is a range of options available now to the modern woman to get exactly the look you want with minimal or no discomfort. In fact, with the proper fitting foundation garments, you will likely feel even more supported and therefore more comfortable! A garment that supports the abdomen/core will also help improve posture and can alleviate back pain.

Speaking of pain, let’s talk about bras. Many women do not know that they need to be fitted for a bra frequently to make sure they’re wearing the correct size from year to year. Bodies change for lots of reasons. Weight gain, weight loss, gravity, muscle mass changes, and mastectomies, all contribute to the need for a properly fitted bra.

When we are fitting you for any garment, we need to make sure you're wearing the proper foundation garments. That helps us ensure that things like darts are fitted to the correct place on the body. If we're altering your wedding gown, for example, you'll need to wear the undergarments you plan to wear with your dress the day of your wedding. Likewise, if we're altering any other garment you'll want to come to your fitting with those foundations you'll be wearing under it.

If you're coming in for a fitting, please remember to bring the foundations you'll be wearing. Call us today with any questions or concerns--we're happy to help make sure you get the best fitting possible!

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