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Youth Sewing Lessons

Is a young member of your family interested in learning how to sew? The Tailored Fit offers youth sewing classes through its University of Sewing taught by trained professionals with decades of experience.

the tailored fit Bloomington Indiana

Whether your child has dreams of becoming a designer and wants to compete on Project Runway someday, or he or she wants to improve their sewing skills for 4-H projects, or simply has expressed an interest in learning to make their own costumes or outfits or quilts, our classes are perfect for every stage of interest!

This September, the University of Sewing at The Tailored Fit is offering several youth classes. Click here for the class calendar. September 9th and 19th will be our Youth Intro to Sewing classes, and September 23rd is a Youth Open Sewing Day. All materials are provided in a fun learning environment for the cost of the class. Adults and children may sign up in pairs for some classes; what a great way to learn together or just spend some quality parenting time with the young sewing enthusiast in your life.

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