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How to Rock a Pocket Square

We take suiting seriously at The Tailored Fit. That means not only do we fit you with the best in bespoke, we also pay attention to every last detail. Pocket squares can give a suit that extra oomph--that subtle panache that makes you stand out from the crowd in a world full of dull, lookalike suits.

Pocket squares may seem confusing or unnecessary, and there are certainly "rules" to wearing them. A common question is "should I match my pocket square to my tie?" The answer is no. The pocket square should complement the tie pattern and colors; to replicate both would be visually boring--the opposite of the desired effect. (Caveat: basic solid white will go with anything.)

The pocket square is purely decorative, much like the necktie. Still, it serves an aesthetic function and completes a suiting look, even without a tie. Pocket square in a sport jacket for a swank dinner out? Also completely acceptable. Let's face it: adding a pocket square to your look takes it to the next level, and sets you apart from any random fellow who doesn't take his suit game very seriously.

Another common question is: "how do I fold a pocket square?" There are numerous ways to fold your pocket square, but there are a few basics you should know if you're going to rock one on the regular.

The Straight Fold

This is a classic, no-nonsense fold that says "I may enjoy the flair of a pocket square, but I'm alllll business."

pocket square

The One Corner Fold

This fold screams goals--and, "I'm at my peak in every aspect."

pocket square

The Puff Fold

pocket square

The puff fold is debonair, dapper, and replete with good taste.

Pocket squares, and their various folds, are great ways to express your personal style. The Tailored Fit is happy to help you determine what that is, and to set you up with some custom made pocket squares to complete your look.

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