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The Best Fabrics for Summer Attire

f you’re thinking about having a custom dress or suit (or other garment) made, you’ll want to consider what type of fabric will work best to keep you cool. The Tailored Fit can help you choose which option will work by factoring in a fabric’s moisture-wicking ability, breatheability, drape, and resiliency.

the tailored fit

In general, the best fabrics for summer are those derived from natural fibers such as cotton, flax, wool, or silk. In addition, there are many synthetic fiber fabrics on the market that have been modernized to more closely mimic the fabric properties of natural fibers.

Whether you’re looking for suiting, a dress, or any type of apparel, The Tailored Fit can help you find exactly the right fabric to ensure your comfort and create a great look at the same time.

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