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5 Bridal Gown Disasters and How to Fix Them

Wedding season is in full effect, and no matter how prepared you and your bridal gown are, The Tailored Fit staff are experts on how to deal with dress disasters.

Rips and Tears

Dancing the night away can have some serious repercussions on your dress. Either you or your groom, or another guest, could step on the hem of your dress and cause it to tear. Consider bringing fabric tape and super glue along in case you have a rip that can’t be repaired simply by sewing. And don’t fret too much—it’s highly unlikely anyone will notice!

the tailored fit

Poor Fit

If you don’t have a seamstress at your disposal or on speed dial, there are ways to improve the fit of your gown without actual alterations. Perhaps the bust is too big because you’ve dropped several pounds during the stressful weeks leading up to your wedding. Bring along bra cups to fill in. Maybe the opposite has happened and you’re literally busting out of your gown. Try unzipping your gown an inch or two and backing up with a safety pin. If all else fails, borrow a pashmina or sweater from a guest or bring one along if you’re one of those absolutely, completely, thinks-of-everything brides or have a maid of honor who does the same! If your dress is too big in the midsection, use safety pins to pin the inside seams or take the seams in quickly with a few strategically placed stitches.

Snapped Strap

This is a relatively simple, quick fix. Once again, make sure to have a sewing kit with you (maid of honor, we’re looking at you) so you can stitch back your strap with white/ivory thread (or whatever thread color closely matches your dress).

Broken Zipper

First, have your seamstress on speed dial! It’s possible to be sewn into your gown if the zipper ruins your life and can’t be repaired. Otherwise, there are a few other fixes to try—pliers, soap, or pencil to lubricate the teeth, etc. In case the fabric next to the zipper rips, make sure to have safety pins or a sewing kit on hand to make repairs.

Spills and Stains

A dropped lipgloss wand, mimosa, your baby niece’s spitup-- any number of things can happen over the course of your wedding day. In case your dress suffers a stain, make sure to talk to your seamstress about the fabric of your gown and what to bring along to combat stains on the big day. Worst case scenario: cover the stain with your bouquet for photos and don’t let it ruin your day.

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