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Bernina: Buy From The Tailored Fit

Q: Why does The Tailored Fit believe in Bernina, use their machines, and sell them to sewing enthusiasts?

A: Quality. Yes, it's that simple!

the tailored fit bernina dealer

It isn't just women, or the stereotypical woman of a certain age, who sews these days. Women, men, and children of all ages are learning to sew and become proficient at their craft. In fact, chances are that if you're reading this blog post, either you yourself, or someone you know, doesn't fit the stereotype of a person who sews.

childrens sewing lessons the tailored fit

So, what does quality have to do with all of this? Again, it's simple. Remember grandmother's (or great-grandmother's) sewing machine? A modern marvel of sewing convenience, which allowed the woman of the house to stitch all sorts of home textiles as well as apparel for the entire family, is the sewing machine we recall. It's not a far reach to say that a machine like hers stayed in your family for quite some time after she had passed. And, if your family was fortunate enough to retain an heirloom like grandmother's sewing machine, it may have been used by subsequent generations and perhaps is still in use today.

Bernina goes back to the quality of days gone by. Bernina sewing machines stand the test of time and will endure innumerable tasks: women sewing denim, or drapery; men sewing leather, or lace; children sewing quilts for their first show, fashions for 4-H, or growing up to design and sew formal attire for themselves.

bernina sewing machines the tailored fit

Can folks do those things with a simple machine from a local "big box" retailer that offers coupons in a mailed flyer each week? Absolutely. But will that same machine not only last for generations, as well as handle every aspect of a family's sewing work through the years in these times of getting back to self-sufficiency and learning trades at home? We're inclined to believe and trust in Bernina machines, ourselves.

Call The Tailored Fit today to find out more about our Bernina sewing machines. We offer in-shop demonstrations--yes, you can "test-drive" before you buy! We would love to help you purchase one of these high quality sewing machines that can be passed down through the ages.

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