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3 Ways to Know Your Suit Needs Alterations

When you buy a suit off the rack instead of having it made to measure, chances are very great it will need alterations to fit you correctly. So, how can you tell if your suit needs alterations when you buy it, and what to check fitwise when you're buying to avoid the most expensive alterations? Read on to find out.

the tailored fit suit alterations


This is the most expensive part of a suit to alter. Be sure to check shoulder fit when you're trying on a suit. You should have room to move but you shouldn't be swimming in shoulder material either. Incongruous shoulder slope can cause "collar roll,"which is a rippling effect below the collar of the jacket caused by shoulder slope or lack thereof. Resolving shoulder fit issues involves a lot of time deconstructing, revamping, and reconstructing the garment, thus the expense.


Make sure the jacket isn't too big around your torso. You should be able to comfortably button all buttons, with no visible pulling in the chest or waist.

Sleeve length and pant hems

These are pretty obvious and common alterations. Jacket sleeves should finish at the wristbone. Pant hems can be a personal preference due to fashion trends or sense of personal style. The Tailored Fit can help you determine what's right for you, or hem your pants to whatever length you desire.

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