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Buttons--Small Change, Huge Impact

Do you own a garment you really love, with which you never want to part, but are just underwhelmed by these days? Sometimes the smallest change can make a huge difference. Today let's talk about buttons and the amazing impact they can have on your favorite coat, jacket, or other item you want to keep in your wardrobe rotation.

the tailored fit buttons

Buttons are the workhorse of the embellishment world. Not only are they functional and keep your pants up, they can also be little works of fashion art in and of themselves. As you might imagine, The Tailored Fit has a vast array of buttons from which you may choose to adorn your garment, or feel free to bring your own!

buttons the tailored fit

Changing the buttons on a garment is also eco-friendly: the first "R" in the green triangle we all know and love is Reduce. If we're reducing the amount of clothing we buy or make, one great way to keep a wardrobe fresh and interesting is to change a detail or two (sometimes six or eight, even, depending on how many closures your winter coat has!)

the tailored fit buttons

Next time you're thinking about investing in a new coat or cardigan simply because you're tired of your existing closet-dwellers, consider having us change out those buttons. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome, and we know your wallet will thank you.

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