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Creating Custom Garments--We Can Do That!

Is there an item you've been dying to add to your wardrobe but just can't seem to find a ready-to-wear version in stores, or online? We can custom create your vision!

the tailored fit custom garments

You'll work closely with owner, Margaret Fette, to discuss your vision, the design, material types and cost, and to have your measurements taken. Pricing varies depending on many factors, including the difficulty of the construction of the garment, material cost, the time it takes to complete the work, and whether a pattern is provided or one would need to be drafted.

We charge hourly for all custom garments and keep strict track of total hours taken to complete each step of the process.

After your initial appointment, multiple additional fittings are required so we can make sure your garment is coming together in a way that fits your vision before completing all work. As with any tailoring or alteration, custom garments need to be fitted properly to your unique body. Some examples of repeat fittings are marking the exact hem length, checking that the garment is properly draped, or simply discussing finishing details like buttons or embellishments.

Whether it's an evening gown, casual jacket, that perfect pair of black trousers, or the ubiquitous and essential LBD, we can make your vision a show-stopping reality. If you can dream it, we can do it!

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