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Let's Talk Measurements

If you're like many people, you have a bit of difficulty choosing what size to order when you're trying to buy apparel online. Size charts based on measurements can be helpful, but do you know your measurements? Do you know how to measure yourself accurately? We frequently take client's measurements to order custom clothing such as suits or formal gowns.

"Measure twice, cut once" is a carpentry proverb that refers to making sure measurements on wood are taken accurately by double checking them before cutting the wood to avoid wasted time and materials. Not only does the phrase apply to carpentry in the literal sense, as well as what we do here regarding tailoring and alterations work, it's a philosophy that can save time and effort when applied to most aspects of life. Why not get things right the first time?

The Tailored Fit is happy to help you through the process of getting your measurements to determine the correct size to order online. After taking your measurements, we are even happy to have you email us links to items you're considering and recommend the most appropriate size option. Sometimes we will recommend that if you're not sure what size to choose to order both (if the return policy is lenient,) then bring them in so we can discuss any tailoring/alterations the garment might need so you can determine the more cost-effection choice. We can take the mystery out of measurements for you and have you looking and feeling great in properly fitted apparel, yes, even if you order online!

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