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Sewing Classes at The Tailored Fit

"Sewing classes" is kind of a broad term. Today we'll talk about what kinds of sewing classes you can take at The Tailored Fit so you can decide which might appeal to you.

sewing classes at the tailored fit

Sewing Machine Basics:

No idea how to use your machine, or very limited knowledge? We can teach you how to use your sewing machine, or you can come in for a demonstration of our Bernina sewing machines and decide which one is right for your sewing needs. We also offer serger classes, in which you learn the ins and outs of using this specialized machine to make professional, durable seams. Visit our calendar to see the schedule for Serger classes or Introductory sewing machine classes. If you need a private, more specialized class please call to schedule and determine pricing.

Sewing Techniques:

We can teach you hand sewing techniques, pattern alterations, and break down many other components of sewing in our fun, step-by-step classes. Check our calendar for upcoming classes like Sew Many Dresses this January!


Do you enjoy getting together with fellow sewing enthusiasts to make fun projects that can be finished in an evening or afternoon? From time to time we offer classes on how to make simple items like Mug Rugs, Table Toppers, pillowcases, quilt blocks, and many more.

Open Sewing:

Open sewing days are a maker's dream. You can come to The Tailored Fit and share workspace, machines, tools, and the comradery of other sewists. We offer a warm, welcoming environment in which you can share ideas, conversation, and enjoy making whatever it is you like to make.

In addition to the above mentioned classes, there are many others. We also host youth sewing classes, so if you and your friends are thinking about learning to sew or creating something new, watch for our youth class dates!

Happy 2018! Make this the year you learn a new technique, finish projects from years past, or join an open sewing to convene with friends and make some new ones!

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