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Why Five Dollar Hems Usually Aren't a Deal

Paying a mere five dollars to have a pair of pants hemmed sounds like a great deal. In this post, we'll explain why those "great deals" usually aren't.

five dollar pant hems

You have likely heard the expression "you get what you pay for." In tailoring, this rings true. First, the person doing the fitting is only concerned about speed, not your individual needs, or making the service a personal one. In order to turn a profit, the shop is dealing in quantity over quality. They need to do both the fitting and the hem as quickly as possible. They are counting on fitting and finishing the highest quantity possible of pant hems for this price.

Second, a five dollar hem fee usually only applies to dress pants, with no guarantee of quality. You aren't likely to find a shop that does a five dollar hem on a pair of jeans, keeping the original hem. What if your dress pants are lined, as many are? Don't count on spending five bucks for having a lined pair of pants hemmed.

When you choose a tailor, it's important to go with one who understands your individual needs and can give you the attention and service you deserve. Pay a little more, and have peace of mind that the work is both high quality and guaranteed.

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