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One Size Fits No One . . .

Your clothing is an investment in your presentation. By now, you are aware that the Tailored Fit believes that one size fits no one. Clothing manufacturers are designed to feed the masses with their generic sizings, so why would you expect that generic size to be the right fit for you and your body? Well, the truth is, the chances are that your clothes do not actually fit you . . .

Most people wear their clothes too big, too long, or too loose!

According to fashion writer Juli Alvarez, “From the first moment you try on a garment in the dressing room, there are a few important things to keep in mind for fit. The garment should never visibly pull across your body (bust, hips, thighs, stomach). It should feel comfortable, giving you a little bit of breathing space. Trousers should never be too tight in the crotch or behind. If you’re trying on a blazer, you should be able to move freely without the top of your arms or your shoulders feeling squeezed. On the flip side, trousers should never sag in your behind or over your thighs.”

That’s a lot of pressure, and a lot to remember, right?!?

This is where alterations and tailoring come into play. You must determine whether or not a seamstress can assist in the process and have you looking like you want and deserve. Alterations are steps which take us from being covered to looking fantastic. We pay enough for our clothing, so why not have them looking their best?

Most any clothing can be tailored to fit you. Often, clothing you have around the house, hiding in the back of the closet, can even get a brand new fresh start. Simply go through your wardrobe and bring a few items in to the Tailored Fit in Bloomington, Indiana. Margaret and the experienced team will go through your pieces, see how everything currently fits, and provide you with feedback on what they can do to have you looking fantastic without investing in a whole new wardrobe.

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