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What to know when purchasing a customized Men’s Suit

Every man deserves to wear suits, shirts, and blazers that fit and flatter his body and accentuate his individual style. This is why we have partnered with Alabaster & Chess Tailoring, of New York City, working to make luxurious custom-tailored menswear the standard. The Tailored Fit in Bloomington, Indiana is your connection to experience menswear which fits your exact measurements and embraces your body.

Have you been considering a custom suit? When working with The Tailored Fit on your fully customized Alabaster & Chess Men’s Suit, here is some of the terminology you will want to know . . .


A well-fitting suit looks good on everybody! Whether you prefer Slim, modern, or classic fit suits, they need to be classy and comfortable. In the Classic fit, the trousers sit on the waistline and the jacket typically reaches the ends of your palm in an upright position.


Wool is the most common choice due to its durability, and looser woven wool can produce a suit comfortably worn in warmer weather. Cotton and Linen are also popular warmer climate Men’s Suit fabrics.


Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a Men’s Suit jacket. They are often formed by folding over the front edges of the jacket and sewing them to the collar. The important sub-terminology is:

Width – The lapel width is measured at the widest point,and perpendicular to the inner edge

Style – The three most common styles of lapel are: Notched, Peaked, and Shawl (Tuxedo)

Roll – The fall of the lapel between the collar and the first button


Canvas is the type of construction, sewn between the lining and the cloth, which helps to shape your Men’s Suit jacket, and allows the suit to mold to your body for the perfect fit. The suit canvas also allows your Men’s Suit to survive many years of wear and dry cleaning.


Although it is often incorrectly interchanged with words such as jacket and sports coat, a blazer is a jacket which is solid in color and worn as a separate.

The Tailored Fit works with you to collaboratively create the perfect suit for you. Call us today at 812-323-2665 in order to schedule a fitting for your new Alabaster & Chess, custom Men’s Suit.

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