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Thinking about Sewing Classes?

Learning to sew is the perfect blend of practicality and creativity!

Perhaps you remember watching a family member sewing when you were younger, or you might have sat in a home economics class yourself in middle school, while being taught the basics of how to operate a sewing machine. Regardless of your history or level of proficiency, learning to sew is an amazing skill which provides a relaxing pastime.

Sewing is historically considered one of the most rewarding undertakings, and with a little bit of direction, coupled with some dedication, you can be sewing in relatively no time. Sewing classes are offered in most communities, where they are accepting those with a wide spectrum of proficiency and desired outcome. Check out where they offer sewing classes in your area!

So, why do people sew? We have put together a listing of some of the top reasons for why sewing is one of the world’s most popular activities.


What is more creative than making your own clothing or home decorations? No other activity allows you to showcase individuality like sewing. With the ability to make your own clothing you can create custom garments that suit you for any occasion; even one of a kind costumes for Halloween or themed events. As you progress in your sewing class, you’ll learn the basics of fabric, and choosing the materials that will work best for your project.

Go Green

Are you environmentally conscientious? If so, sewing is the activity for you!

Sewing allows you to re-purpose almost anything made from fabric. Thrift shops and home sales are great places to find treasures to be . . .


Are the pants you recently brought home from the store a bit too long? Did your child’s favorite stuffed animal begin to rip apart? Does your favorite dress have zipper that failed you?

Yes, we encourage you to find a quality tailoring shop in town and lean on them for the important stuff, but you can save money (and save the day) just by having the ability to address some of the simple stuff on your own after taking sewing classes.

Additionally, think of the money you will save by hand sewing gifts for your loved ones!

Be Social

Sewing can be a wonderful social activity! Join a sewing circle, or grab a few friends and get together on a regular basis to work on some group projects. Take a sewing class, and open the door to a whole new social world.

University of Sewing

Bloomington, Monroe County, and residents in surrounding areas of South Central Indiana can learn more about local sewing classes by checking out our calendar of upcoming sewing classes, including those for children, beginners, and more advanced groups.

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