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Men's Suits and the Proper Fit

Menswear trends are rich with tradition, but let’s be honest, in today’s world there is no excuse for the professional man to wear a suit which does not properly fit him.

Through the ages, we have seen men’s suits take on many different roles. In the 1920’s we witnessed male college students subscribing to European fashions with the wearing of button down shirts. In the 1930’s brought a heightened appreciation for eloquence; with taste levels at their peak! American men took pride in their clothing, dressing by codes of etiquette.

The subsequent decades have provided us an array of men’s fashions and suit styles, starting with the ready to wear suit popularized after World War II. But as we look back on that phrase, we need to ask if any suit can truly be made “ready to wear!”

A man’s suit should send a message to the world about him, and if it fits him properly, he is afforded the best opportunity to make a positive impression. Today, most men’s suits are poorly fit, largely because the men’s suits sold in stores are cut to fit as many as possible. Retailers have little incentive to properly tailor a suit, and few visit big box stores for their tailoring reputation . . . so what does one do these days to find the perfect fitting suit?

The first step in acquiring properly fitting men’s suits is to know what the proper fit looks like. Finding a local tailor that is trained in getting you the right fit is one of your best options, and it is more reasonably priced than you might imagine.

If you are ready to make the right impression, come visit the Tailored Fit in Bloomington, Indiana to either have us tailor your existing suits, or to have us make you a custom men’s suit.

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