Have you looked at the beautiful Molas from Panama and gone green with envy ?  I have!  I love the look of Traditional Molas, with all the layers of colored fabrics and fancy stitches !

I thought that I would make one myself, but then really turned green when I realized how much detail work and teeny tiny stitches were involved !

So, I created this class to modify the Traditional Mola by using Bamboo Rayon Felt to make a project that keeps the style and colors of the original, but is so much easier and faster!  And the Bamboo Rayon felt isn't itchy like wool felt.

This is a hand work class, but it is easy and relaxing to do.

I hope you enjoy these Molas as much as I do!

Taught by Alice Ridge

Mock Molas ! A Traditional Art Modified and Made in Felt

Class Times
  • Please bring $20 cash for your class kit.


611 W 11th St Suite 2, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA