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Bridal Alterations
  • Please make an appointment for all Bridal Gown services.

  • A typical Bridal Gown fitting takes 30-45 minutes for the 1st fitting.

  • Most wedding gowns require 3-6 fittings please allow 3-4 months for the work on your dress. If you need your dress sooner note this may result in a upcharge.

  • Please always let the fitting expert know if you are on any type of weight loss or fitness program to change your figure.

  • Expert Alteration services on all types of wedding gowns including lace, beaded and sequins.

  • Bridal Alteration Quotes are available free of charge - please let us know if this is the service you are looking for and please make an appointment as these quotes can take 30-45 minutes.

  • Steaming services for Wedding Gowns and formals are available. 

  • Wedding Gown Preservation services for your Bridal Gown after the wedding are available.

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